11 Questions to Ask an Asphalt Contractor Before You Hire Them

Asphalt replacement or repair are not good DIY projects. You want a professional asphalt paving contractor who can oversee the job from start to finish and ensure your asphalt surface is not only safe and durable but also visually appealing. For example, the state of your business’s parking lot makes an important first impression on clients and customers, so you also want to make sure yours looks great.

But there are dozens of asphalt contractors around, so how do you find one that is reputable and one that you can trust? Here are a few questions to ask your contractor to find out how they do business.

How Many Years Have You Been In Business?

The number of years an asphalt company has been around can tell you a lot. First, it can demonstrate experience in the industry. Obviously, you want someone with experience to handle your project.

The years in business can also tell you something about the company’s reputation: businesses with longevity are going to be around to handle any problems that arise after the work is done. For the record, South Central Sealing & Paving has put more than 30 years of high-quality work into the paving service industry and community.

What Insurance and Licensures Do You Have?

Insurance and business licenses show a business’s legitimacy. Checking these items before you have any work done gives you peace of mind. You don’t want to be on the hook if one of the company’s workers gets injured on the job on your property, right? So it’s important to know that you can ask to see proper paperwork to make sure that they are properly licensed and insured. A legitimate business won’t have any problem supplying you with documentation.

Do You Have Referrals That I Can Speak To?

While you should check online reviews before hiring an asphalt contractor, you should also check out some of the actual projects the contractor has worked on in the community. Ask to talk to the client, too. Good contractors will have plenty of local references. When you speak to the reference, ask what they liked and didn’t like about the company. This will give you more information about what kind of work you can expect.

Do You Do Residential or Commercial Projects?

Installing a driveway is much different than installing a parking lot. Asphalt contractors may specialize in one type of project, or they may have different teams with different types of experience. Make sure your contractor regularly handles the type of project you’re asking for.

What Do I Need To Know About Permits?

Some jobs may not require a permit, while others might. It depends on the scope of the project and your local regulations. Find out if the contractor takes care of any permits needed or if it is up to you.

How Much Will My Project Cost?

Any good contractor will provide you with a written quote that outlines what all needs to be done and the cost of the work. South Central Sealing & Paving offers a free estimate that details all the work we will need to perform, from laying the foundation to sealing the pavement to painting stripes. We refuse to cut corners, and we’ll make sure your asphalt or concrete lasts for a long time, even under the worst conditions Mother Nature can throw at it.

How Long Will My Asphalt Project Take?

As part of the estimate, your contractor should include details on the time frame of your project. This should include a time frame for how long people should avoid walking or driving on your asphalt. You need this information to know how to manage your business during the inconvenience. Keep in mind that when it’s warmer, asphalt cures faster. The same job may not take as long in the summer as it might in later fall.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

You should know who you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis while the project is being done. Ask whether the supervisor will be on site or just stopping by throughout the day. Find out if the crew are employees or subcontractors. If they’re sub-contracting, ask whether their insurance covers the crew. Will the same crew be on site each day?

Are There Any Potential Problems That Could Increase the Cost?

Sometimes, contractors can’t know about problems until they start tearing up the old asphalt. You want to know if there is anything that could cause the projected cost to increase. You may also want to ask about any hidden fees that might not be included in the estimate.

Of course, a disreputable contractor won’t tell you about those, but you can listen for how the contractor addresses this item and feel comfortable or not with their explanation. Reputable contractors will add these things to the estimate in some way or include a clause that details how they handle these situations.

How Is Clean-Up Handled?

After any job, there’s always little things left over. It might be equipment and product, which the contractor obviously should take care of. Or it might be little things, like the sealant that gets on the edge of the grass. This is completely normal. It doesn’t damage the grass, but it might look a little weird until it disappears. Your contractor should be upfront about all these details so you know what to expect.

How Long Should My Asphalt Last and How Do I Maintain It?

A properly installed and sealed asphalt surface should last 20 to 30 years, but this depends on how well you maintain it. You should have your asphalt sealed every three to five years. Potholes and cracks need to be fixed regularly, not only for aesthetics but for safety as well. If your asphalt surface has standing water that isn’t draining, that can indicate a bigger problem and may need to be remediated.

South Central Sealing & Paving specializes in asphalt replacement, repair, and maintenance. We have the experience to make sure your business is safe and looks great for your customers. Contact us for a free estimate whether you need a complete installation, some light repairs, or a sealing job to make your asphalt ready for business.

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