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Having a parking lot properly marked makes everyone’s life easier. Professional parking lot striping services from South Central Sealing and Paving can improve the flow of traffic and maintain safety in your parking lot while improving curb appeal. Our professional parking lot striping services will help you create an attractive, safe and organized space.

Asphalt Striping

Our asphalt striping services are perfect for high schools, businesses, roads, and any other location where safety is a primary concern. High-quality equipment and materials create long-lasting, clear markings so all drivers in the area know exactly where they are going. Crisp and bright lines will define your parking spaces, create handicap parking areas, direct the flow of traffic, and mark fire lane areas.

Painted Parking Spots

Clearly defined, painted parking spots can help prevent confusion and disruption in your parking areas. We will create a layout to optimize the space that you have available and make parking as easy as possible for drivers. This includes single and double-lane options with varying angles of parking stalls. We will work with you to assess the space that you have and determine the most efficient parking spot layout.

Parking Lot Paint

Choosing the right parking lot paint is crucial if you want markings to last a long time without the need for constant reapplication. Paint needs to be durable enough to stand up to wear from the elements as well as constant traffic. We can provide a range of paints including water-based acrylics, solvent-based paints, and solvent-based acrylic rubber.

Water-based acrylic is the most common choice for parking lot striping because it gives excellent brightness and visibility, is very durable, and is eco-friendly. However, when the situation calls for it we consider other paint options that could be more suitable.

Parking Lot Striping Cost

The overall cost of parking lot striping varies depending on the size of the parking lot and the type of paint that is used. However, we will always work with our customers to find the most ideal solution. We always use quality materials and striping machines to do the job right the first time, keeping your long-term costs down.

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