Professional Parking Lot Paving Services For Your Business

Your commercial parking lot is the first thing people see when they visit your business. If it’s filled with potholes and cracks, you instantly send the wrong impression. There are also safety issues if your parking lot is in disrepair, so it’s vital that you keep up with maintenance.

If your parking lot has seen better days, our asphalt paving services can help bring it back to life. From asphalt paving to seal coating, we provide the best in parking lot paving.

Quality Asphalt Paving

Concrete parking lots will wear over time but an asphalt overlay can give them a new lease on life, making them more attractive and safer for employees and visitors. 

Our high-quality asphalt overlays are the perfect solution for your tired parking lot. We always use the best quality materials and our team has the expertise needed to do the job right the first time, so your parking lot will stay in good condition for the long term. Asphalt overlays can be used to repair cracking and uneven surfaces, prevent water pooling, and improve the overall aesthetic of concrete parking lots.

We also provide an asphalt repair service to seal cracks and fill potholes quickly and efficiently before they become a hazard. All of our asphalt paving and repair services are carried out with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Parking Lot Overlay

Asphalt parking lot overlays consist of a layer of asphalt that is applied over the existing surface. The thickness of the layer depends on the current state of your parking lot. If you have superficial cracks and slight uneven patches, the layer only needs to be inches high.

However, parking lots that are in a more severe state of disrepair may need a thicker layer or even a full-depth restoration. Our expert team will assess your parking area to determine the right type of parking lot overlay for you.

Asphalt Speed Bumps

Safety is a key concern in your parking lot and it is crucial that you manage the speed of drivers. Asphalt speed bumps are one of the most effective ways to reduce the speed of drivers in your parking lot, reduce the chances of accidents, and keep pedestrians safe. We can advise you on the best placement for your speed bumps and install them for you using high-quality, durable materials that will withstand high levels of traffic for years to come.


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