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South Central Sealing and Paving is one of the few paving contractors in the region to offer asphalt slurry sealing, and we get this question a lot from property owners and managers.

The short answer is that a slurry seal is a thicker treatment that provides a tougher surface for heavy traffic loads. When properly applied and maintained, an asphalt slurry seal can last 6–10 years.

Read on to learn more about asphalt slurry seals. Or, if you want to talk with one of our team members about whether slurry sealing could be the right solution for your project, give us a call now!

What Is Slurry Seal Coating?

Slurry seal coatings are made from a mixture of asphalt emulsion, water, aggregate, mineral filler and other additives. This emulsion is typically recycled from old roads or parking lots and then mixed with clean water before being reapplied to keep costs low. Slurry seal coatings are applied using a specialist slurry truck, which mixes all of the components before spreading them over the surface of the road or parking lot.

Roads and pavements treated with a slurry seal have a rich black color and a durable, slip-resistant surface that preserves the underlying structure. It also functions to fill in cracks and brings back lost flexibility to a parking lot surface.

When you use a slurry seal on your parking lot, you can benefit from an improved aesthetic, a safer driving surface, and increased longevity. Slurry surfaces are also easy to maintain and are less prone to cracking from freeze-thaw cycles. You won’t have as many issues with gas and oil penetration as a result of leaks either, so the outside areas of your business will look clean and tidy. 

Sealcoating vs Slurry Seal on Asphalt

Slurry sealing and traditional sealcoating are both used to help protect paved asphalt surfaces. However, there are best use cases for each.

Asphalt slurry sealing is heavier duty than traditional sealcoating. Slurry seal on asphalt can be the ideal solution for high-traffic areas that receive heavy loads or where vehicles travel at high speeds. It is more expensive than sealcoating because it requires special equipment to mix onsite and apply, but this investment can pay off in the long run. A slurry seal can last 6–10 years when properly applied and maintained.

Traditional sealcoating is best for surfaces with lower volumes of traffic and/or where vehicles travel at low speeds. It is less expensive than slurry sealing as it doesn’t need to be mixed onsite and doesn’t require specialized equipment to apply. When properly applied and maintained, sealcoating can last around 4 years.

Both slurry sealing and sealcoating can extend the life of your parking lot and provide good service. It’s all a matter of what’s best for your specific needs and budget. We’d be happy to talk over your options with you.

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We are one of the few paving contractors in South Central and Southeastern Kansas to offer asphalt slurry sealing, and we do it right. We have over 30 years of experience providing paving services for parking lots. 

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