Ensure Your Parking Lot Is Properly Marked With Asphalt Striping. 

Keep Your Parking Lot Looking Its Best

Over time, the lines on your parking lot designating parking spots and other safety features can start to fade. Striping is one of the first things your customers see when they enter your parking lot. You want those lines to be clear so visitors know where to go. 

South Central Sealing and Paving offer comprehensive asphalt striping services. Contact us to learn more today.

Learn More About Why You Need Asphalt Striping

An adequately striped parking lot can improve the curb appeal, traffic flow, and safety of a parking lot. We’ve re-striped parking lots for schools, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. 

New Layout

Our team can redesign and implement a new layout for your parking lot. This is helpful if you’ve expanded your business or want to improve the flow of traffic. 


Our team will paint new lines over existing ones to make them appear more prominently. We can also do this after your parking lot has been re-sealed.

How Our Process Works

Step One: Request a Free Quote

Get in touch with our office by calling 316-613-0078 to schedule a consultation. 

Step Two: We Check Out Your Parking Lot

We’ll listen to your needs and goals for your parking lot, ensuring we create a plan that helps you achieve them. 

Step Three: Experience Exceptional Service

Our team of highly-trained professionals will work tirelessly to provide you with the best asphalt services

Contact Us to Get a Quote for Asphalt Striping

Stop searching for “asphalt striping companies near me” in Wichita. Contact South Central Sealing and Paving to book a consultation for our asphalt striping services.

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