Are you seeing cracks on your commercial property’s parking lot or driveway? Don’t let asphalt cracks become even bigger issues with the help of South Central Sealing and Paving. We’re your locally-owned concrete and asphalt company offering premier crack sealing services for your pavements. Repairing asphalt is our specialty, and we serve all types of establishments in Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding areas.

Repairing Asphalt Cracks for Maximum Lifespan

When paved asphalt starts cracking, the issue could quickly escalate into more problems. These cracks allow water to seep into the sub-base, causing damage to structural integrity. If these are left unchecked, huge portions of your driveways may need to be resurfaced.

South Central Sealing and Paving helps you avoid these issues by providing premier sealing services. We follow a time-tested process and use quality rubberized material to quickly and effectively seal the cracks, preventing moisture from penetrating the material.

Work With the Trusted Experts

South Central Sealing and Paving is your team of asphalt professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We leverage the knowledge we gain to quickly address your concerns and deliver quality results. In addition, we can rapidly respond to your calls and work within your schedule. It’s no wonder that so many clients have remained loyal to us. You can be one, too!

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Contact Us Now for Asphalt Crack Repair

Cracks can occur anytime on your pavement, especially if it’s old or if the application isn’t up to standards. Don’t let this issue become a bigger, more expensive problem; let our team provide top-notch asphalt crack sealing services. We’ll come to your commercial property and quickly take care of the issue, so you can resume operations. Contact us now to get your free estimate!

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