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Regular maintenance of your parking lot can increase its lifespan and slow down pavement deterioration. However, regular maintenance can actually interrupt the flow of your business. 

To prevent this, choose an asphalt maintenance company that not only offers quality pavement, asphalt crack and patch repair, but also makes sure that they get the job done right the first time Our high performance permanent pavement repair will help keep your parking lot in shape – without disrupting your business.

Why is Sealing and Repair Disruptive?

Sealing and repairing your parking lot means that all vehicles must be removed. This can cause trouble for your customers and employees who won’t be able to park. 

Now, if you have your asphalt paving repairs scheduled annually, it means that people will go through the exact same thing every year and eventually, that won’t be healthy for your business. 

The solution is to have your pavement repair job done right the first time. Using high quality repair materials on the damaged area until the surrounding area is also covered will save you trouble. This way your parking lot will last longer, save you more money and prevent interruption to your business.

Here Are Common Asphalt Damages:


When your pavement starts to crack, water can easily penetrate which will cause the foundation to weaken rapidly. Too much moisture will eventually make it crumble and create potholes until the surrounding pavement area fails too. To prevent asphalt cracks, the surface should be cleaned and all cracks should be sealed using a high-quality sealer.


Surface raveling is the breaking down of asphalt pavement. It makes the surface rough, decreases skid resistance and exposes the layers underneath to further damage. To avoid this, sealcoat is applied 6 to 12 months after paving. Sealcoating can not be applied to deteriorated concrete. However, in severe cases, an overlay might be a better option.

settlingSettling / Rutting

Asphalt rutting can be caused by an unstable ground underneath or inadequate sub-base thickness. It can be fixed by doing asphalt crack repairs or patching the pavement with new asphalt. Severe rutting may require removal and replacement.


Alligatored asphalt is caused by improper installation, untreated asphalt cracks or bearing weights more than it could withstand. It can be fixed by doing asphalt patch repair on the area. If water settles under the top layer of asphalt, it can eventually cause potholes.

potholePothole Repair & Base Failure

When water expands and contracts under the pavement, it can cause weak spots. It further breaks down due to the weight of passing vehicles. If not immediately repaired, it can cause other potholes to form and you might need a full replacement of your parking lot.


Quality Sealing and Paving Services

South Central Sealing and Paving provides high-quality sealing and paving services like asphalt crack and joint sealing, sealcoating and general pavement maintenance. We constantly aim to offer top-quality services to our customers so they are completely satisfied.

For more information, contact us today at (316) 613-3433.

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