Whether it’s a new construction or a major repair job, South Central Sealing and Paving is here to help out with your advanced asphalt paving needs and other professional asphalt services. We’re your local concrete contractor serving commercial property owners in Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas. With our help, you can get smooth and long-lasting asphalt paving for your business. Contact us now to get an estimate for the project.

Premier Asphalt Paving Services for Any Establishment

Our team comes to any commercial property that has a parking lot or a roadway, such as grocery stores and healthcare facilities. As part of our advanced asphalt paving services, we follow a systematic process when overlaying or resurfacing driveways. The result is asphalt paving that’s dense yet flexible. Our methods and materials also allow us to construct long-lasting pavement that resists cracks and other issues.

Why Choose Us

South Central Sealing and Paving has gained so many loyal customers over the years. Why is that? Here are the reasons why we’re your stand-out concrete and asphalt repair company.

Rapid Response to Your Calls: We’ll come to your commercial property as soon as possible, so you can quickly resume operations.

Decades of Experience: With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected our methods to deliver quality services.

Comprehensive Solutions: We offer an array of services — not just asphalt paving. Whenever you have issues with your parking lots and driveways, we’re the team to call.

Hear What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

Contact Us for Your Advanced Asphalt Paving

If you’re constructing a new driveway for a commercial establishment or resurfacing an old one, let our team provide quality asphalt paving solutions. We’ll work according to your schedule and specifications and deliver quality outputs every time. Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate.

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