7 Benefits of Sealing Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Your parking lot is an extension of your business. A smooth and well-maintained parking lot not only lasts longer, but it is also safer and more attractive than the alternative. Asphalt parking lots are designed to be durable and strong, but asphalt has its vulnerabilities. Sealcoating your parking lot on a regular basis can help address some of these vulnerabilities.

Benefit #1: Protects Against Water Damage

Asphalt is a porous material that is vulnerable to the weather. Water is one of asphalt’s biggest enemies. When water seeps into the asphalt, it can cause the asphalt to deteriorate faster than it should. Freezing winter temperatures make this problem even worse.

During the day, when the water seeps into the asphalt, it doesn’t have time to evaporate before freezing overnight. The frozen water expands, which causes small cracks to form. Over time, these small cracks get bigger unless you make repairs. A sealcoating seals the asphalt and keeps the water out.

Benefit #2: Prevents Drying Out

When asphalt is first installed, you can typically use it within two to three days. It takes another few weeks to cure and become hard and durable. While this process is normal, the asphalt continues to lose moisture over time, causing the pavement to become more brittle.

A sealcoating slows this process, reducing the moisture loss and preventing exposure to the sun’s UV rays. It’s like an extra layer of protection against the summer sun, making the pavement last longer.

Benefit #3: Prevents Damage from Auto Fluids

Your asphalt’s base will combine with other similar materials, like oil or brake fluid from vehicles. This will weaken the asphalt. You can’t prevent cars from leaking onto your parking lot, but you can protect the parking lot from these materials. A sealcoating is a barrier between the fluid and the asphalt, but you need to repair any oil spots before applying a sealcoat. The sealcoating prevents future damage, but it won’t halt current damage.

Benefit #4: Makes Cleaning Your Parking Lot Easier

The sealcoating provides a smooth surface for the parking lot, making it much easier to slide a broom across it. If you’re the type that likes to have a debris-free parking lot, you’ll want to have a sealcoat applied to reduce the frustration and time spent on upkeep. A sealcoating can also help you clean car fluids off the asphalt.

Benefit #5: Prevents Expensive Repairs

A sealcoating prevents damage to the asphalt, which means you won’t spend your profits making repairs each season. The sealcoating protects the asphalt and can improve the safety of your parking throughout the year. Sealcoating costs much less than repairs, so you’ll save time and money.

Benefit #6: Enhances Curb Appeal

A sealcoating is one of the best ways to improve the look of your parking lot. It’s almost instant curb appeal. Your parking lot will stand out after its sealcoating. You can also have it striped so that it presents a great first impression any time a visitor comes to your property. Sealcoating gives your parking lot new life and makes your property look inviting and safe.

Benefit #7: Extends Pavement Life

A parking lot should last 20 years or more, but ultimately, this will depend on how well you maintain it over the years. Applying a sealcoat every three to five years extends the life of your asphalt while managing your maintenance costs. The time between sealcoatings depends on the traffic your parking lot gets, the condition of the asphalt, and the elements.   

When Is the Best Time to Apply Sealcoating?

A new parking lot does not need a sealcoating until after the first winter. A sealcoating must be applied when the weather is at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You also want a dry period of at least 24 hours after the sealcoating is applied. No rain in the forecast!

Many people like to apply a sealcoat in the fall so that their parking lot is ready for the winter weather, but you can apply it in the spring as well.

While the sealcoat is drying, you won’t be able to use the parking lot for about 24 hours. Our team understands the need to keep your parking lot open for business, so we always try to schedule maintenance at times that will minimize downtime and inconvenience to your business.

Can You Apply a Sealcoating to an Older or Neglected Parking Lot?

If you’ve neglected your parking lot and are ready to apply sealcoating, you will want to work with a professional parking lot paving company that has experience with the factors involved. You need to be prepared to make repairs to the parking lot before applying a sealcoat.

The repairs required can only be determined by the condition of your parking lot. It’s also recommended that the parking lot be cleaned before applying a sealcoat to ensure that it adheres properly and adequately protects the asphalt.

Trust the Experts With Your Asphalt Parking Lot

You shouldn’t skip sealcoating your asphalt parking lot. Smoother pavements are safer and last longer. A sealcoating and maintenance program can save your businesses thousands of dollars over the life of the asphalt. Sealcoating costs pennies per square foot, while repairs can cost hundreds of dollars. Consistent sealcoating takes care of the parking lot, making your business more attractive year-round.

Need help with your parking lot? South Central Sealing & Paving is a parking lot specialist based in the Midwest. We know how to keep your parking lot looking great throughout the entire year. We only use high-quality products, and we always apply the sealcoat under the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our team does not take shortcuts because we want your parking lot to look fantastic and last a long time.

Give us a call at (316) 613-0192 or email us if you are interested in sealing or repairing your current parking lot or installing a brand new one!

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